Used Coffins Find Afterlife as Couches

Coffin Couches

Goths and vampire fetishists will go gaga over Coffin Couches, a company that turns caskets that mortuaries ordinarily toss into the dumpster—thanks to cosmetic defects or the fact that they were used for display—into macabre conversation pieces you can rest your tuckus on for significantly less than an eternity.

Because coffins that once cradled an actual dead person are considered biohazards (who knew?), the six cast-iron legs of each couch are embossed with the universal biohazard symbol—something which could either be a deal-breaker or send you racing for your wallet. We wish the upholstery was greener though: So far, your only options are conventionally tanned leather or...bleargh...vinyl. The finest in recycled funereal chic could be yours for $3,500. ::Coffin Couches

[Via ::Sierra]

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