US State & Municipal LEEDers Identified:- Who'd Have Thought?


This table of top metro-areas for LEED certification is excerpted from a recently published study that evaluated, on a national basis, the rent and value differentials of energy-efficient (LEED certified or "green") buildings. A few of the valuation factors in the report looked a little fuzzy, like the average savings associated with health and productivity improvements derived from green designs, for example. But, such cost factors were a minor distraction from the fascinating, geographic rank tables found in the report.

Have a look at which US states and municipalities have accumulated the most square feet in LEED-certified building space, as of the middle of 2007.

Talk about counter-intuitive. The State of Texas (#2 slot among states), and one of it's cities, Houston (#2 slot among cities), which share oil-permeated, SUV-driving reputations, are LEEDers?

The US capital of Washington DC has always had, and continues to live with, fossils taking campaign money from fossil fuel-reliant industries (regardless of which political party dominates). And...DC takes the number three slot among all US metro areas?

Roses landing on flies. Or hope burying dismay. Which is it?


Via::GreenerBuildings, "Does Green Pay Off?"

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