US State & Municipal LEEDers Identified:- Who'd Have Thought?


This table of top metro-areas for LEED certification is excerpted from a recently published study that evaluated, on a national basis, the rent and value differentials of energy-efficient (LEED certified or "green") buildings. A few of the valuation factors in the report looked a little fuzzy, like the average savings associated with health and productivity improvements derived from green designs, for example. But, such cost factors were a minor distraction from the fascinating, geographic rank tables found in the report.

Have a look at which US states and municipalities have accumulated the most square feet in LEED-certified building space, as of the middle of 2007.

Talk about counter-intuitive. The State of Texas (#2 slot among states), and one of it's cities, Houston (#2 slot among cities), which share oil-permeated, SUV-driving reputations, are LEEDers?

The US capital of Washington DC has always had, and continues to live with, fossils taking campaign money from fossil fuel-reliant industries (regardless of which political party dominates). And...DC takes the number three slot among all US metro areas?

Roses landing on flies. Or hope burying dismay. Which is it?leading%20states%20for%20LEED.jpg

Via::GreenerBuildings, "Does Green Pay Off?"

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