US Green Building Products and Services Grew 34% In One Year

The on-line magazine "Display and Design Ideas" has a feature article up that postulates "the coming boom in green retail," exemplified by this wine section in a Giant Eagle. It's an excellent overview article, and well worth your while to read in full. One paragraph really jumped out at us. "Membership in the nonprofit industry group USGBC has grown more than 1,000 percent in the past four years, currently including more than 5,500 member companies and organizations. Further, the annual U.S. market in green building products and services has grown to $5.8 billion, representing 34 percent growth from the previous year. During the past four years, more than 229 million sq. ft. of commercial building space, which includes retail builds, has been registered or certified under LEED". TreeHugger has been on this trend as well. Check out here,an earlier piece,...and, and here.