Urban Vertical Theme Park Has "Minimal Environmental Impact"

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Located at 550 feet from the ground, there is bungee jumping facilities with 3 cantilevered out springboard-like platforms.

Conventional theme parks are problematic. Designer Ju-Hyun Kim notes that " for decades, [they] have been the by-product of automobile-centered society and a catalyst for suburban sprawl and traffic congestion."

Kim asks: why not put them downtown, where there is already dining, hotels, and alternatives to the car? Why not make them vertical?

Ju-Hyun Kim urban vertical theme park image 360 world

360° World: Large upright wheel with passenger cars will be located in the middle of the tower. As the wheel spins around, at its lower point, people can even experience the smell of hot dogs from street food carts.

It makes a lot of sense, if you believe in David Owen's Green Metropolis, where no matter how much energy you blow, it is OK if you live in a big vertical city. The designer writes:

Theme parks are also massive: acres of land are covered in hot asphalt and mega-extensive grid of infrastructures (power, water, gas, sewage, etc.) has to be installed and maintained throughout the year. Adding to this is the need to build a large number of accommodation for visitors, demonstrating the seriousness of the spatial invasion of building theme parks upon the suburbia, which otherwise would have remained peaceful habitats of the nature. Indeed, theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World attracted all kinds of undesirable sprawl to Anaheim and Orlando. Peripheries of the theme parks are wildly packed with fast food joints, hotels, roads, highways, parking lots and so on.

Ju-Hyun Kim urban vertical theme park image elsewhere

Elsewhere Universe (Space Exploratorium & Gate )The gigantic sphere structure will be suspended from above and will look like it is from another planet or another universe. Just like the outlook, inside this geodesic dome is a 'zero gravity zone' where people can experience a space-like environment.

The designer concludes:

Best of all, it will be easily reached by public transportation, and the environmental impact will be minimal. Now is the time to build the joyful destination for families' perfect day out at the center of cities.

Ju-Hyun Kim urban vertical theme park image overall

All images credit Ju-Hyun Kim

I mean, doesn't this just scream green? More at Bustler

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