Urban Sustainable Design by Jim Gall


images via Sanctuary

Green design is more than just energy, and even a magazine from an Alternative Energy Association in Australia gets that. Sanctuary Magazine publishes an urban home in Brisbane (online) by Jim Gall of Gall & Medek where they have made it as environmentally friendly as possible. They have eliminated PVC, used a weed tree from an invasive species for their lumber, and paid more for good materials and traded that for square footage.


Owner Keith Armstrong says

We believe that looking at the big picture beyond "what it will cost us" is really critical to sustainable thinking."

to which the architect adds:
A well-planned small house can offset these costs.


I really like this transom vent over the door- that is what people used to do to get cross ventilation. Lots more, and a whole page of sustainable features, at Sanctuary.


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