Urban Rainwater Collector Saves Water In The City, Turns Into A Green Wall

Gota Verde Urban Rainwater Collector By Sabrina Goldin Photo

Photos: Sabrina Goldin.

It's no wonder that there are not so many posts on rainwater collectors at TreeHugger: they're usually just pretty ugly big plastic containers, with few exceptions such as PetalDrops or Rainpods.

This is why Gota Verde (Green Drop) makes for a rare beast: a water collector thought for urban environments that also turns into a green wall.Developed by young Argentinean designer Sabrina Goldin and presented at the last Feria Puro Diseno in Buenos Aires, the collector is designed to be attached to a wall and to be connected to pipes coming from the roof. When the water comes down, it gets filtered and stored in a 500 liter tank inside the metal structure.

Gota Verde Urban Rainwater Collector By Sabrina Goldin Photo

The tank has a faucet on the side so that you can plug in a hose and use the water in your plants or any other purpose but human consumption, and it's also connected to the self-watering plant container on the front. When the plants grow, they 'climb' through the metal structure and form a green wall that covers the whole thing.

According to the designer, the container is apt for every type of living space -balconies, patios, gardens- that has access to a pipe coming from the roof.

So far it's a prototype but Goldin hopes to partner with a company to produce it on a larger scale. For more info, contact the designer through her website.

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