Urban Modular Architectural Wind Power Microturbines!

Wind Power Microturbine photo
Decentralized Clean Energy Production
While centralized production has a big lead in the clean energy sector (though it doesn't dominate as completely as in the dirty energy world), many recognize the benefits of small-scale decentralized production and many efforts are made to help bring renewable energy closer to the people that use it. Solar panels are popping up on rooftops, and now we have "architectural" wind microturbines to make wind power more palatable to city dwellers.

Modular Architectural Wind Microturbines
Aerovironment is designing these wind microturbines specifically for the urban environment: No need for a tower, the blades rotate more slowly and silently, and they are set at an angle that allows them to benefit from the wind that is bouncing up the walls and escalating them vertically.Wind Power Microturbine photo

Aerovironment claims that these design features make their turbines produce 30% more power compared to similar units, and their modular assembly makes installation easy.

"Installations have little or no structural impact upon existing buildings and are easily scalable starting at 6KW. Each module weighs approximately 200 pounds, measures 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide, and features a bird screen."

Wind Power Microturbine photo
Wind Power Microturbine photo
What is Architectural Wind Power?
From the manufacturer's website:

Architectural Wind is designed to install easily onto the building parapet, operating in plain sight as an attractive complement to the building’s architecture. Additionally, based on its proprietary system design, Architectural Wind turbines rotate at low wind speeds, resulting in a form of ‘kinetic architecture’ that communicates clearly the generation of clean energy. Working alone or in tandem with other renewable energy technologies, Architectural Wind is designed to offer an attractive ROI and cost per kW of installed capacity.

Wind Power Microturbine photo
Wind Power Microturbine photo
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