Urban Green: Architecture for the Future Hits the Road for National Book Tour

urban green book tour graphic.jpg

Graphic by Chambers Design, Photo Courtesy of smart usa

Starting in September, I embark on a nationwide book tour for my new book entitled Urban Green: Architecture for the Future. The tour will take me to more than 20 universities and colleges across the United States. It is broken into three legs: the southeast, the West Coast and the northeast. Schools already confirmed include Clemson University, Winthrop University, UCLA, UWis-Oshkosh, UWash, Tulane University, Maryland Institute College of Art, NCState and many others. The tour is being sponsored by smart. The first leg will take me from Raleigh, NC to New Orleans, LA. In Oct, I'll head toward the Pacific Ocean to visit California, Oregon and Washington. The final leg will extend north from Baltimore deep in New England. Each stop will be an opportunity to find out what students are thinking and how higher education is engaging them to be the green leaders of tomorrow.

winthrop university campus.jpg

Photo Credit: Neil Chambers

There's nothing better than getting out on the open road to visit and meet thousands of people. I'm super excited about having the chance to discuss the topics that are within Urban Green along with learning about how each school views green building and going green. I always want to find out what's missing in the dialogue about green design, what seems to be working and what seems to really just be greenwashing. With the economy in a mess, political leaders seemingly only interested in being the loudest person in the room instead of the smartest, and with college students wondering about if they will find a job once they graduate, do they see green as a true promise for a better future or just some trend that will die out like disco?

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Photo Credit: Neil Chambers

I will be talking about the big concepts within Urban Green such as the future green buildings and infrastructure, the hydrogen economy, smart grids, electric cars and keystone species - and with smart as a sponsor I will be driving to each campus one example of how we can incorporate new ideas into our daily lives. The smart car I will be driving is 95% recyclable and has a much smaller environmental footprint than other larger automobiles.

clemson university lee hall.jpg

Photo Credit: Neil Chambers

I will be reporting from the road as well - giving readers a chance to learn what I'm learning as a visit the schools in different regions of the country. You can find out when I will be in a city near you at my website. You can also stay up-to-date about the tour on the Urban Green's Facebook fan page. With photos, video and text, I will be communicating to both live and virtual audiences hungry for their feedback and ideas as well as offering my vision for a future for the planet.

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