Urban Curators: Documenting Waste


Sometimes the frame is as important as the art it surrounds; " The goal of the Urban Curators project is to engage the public in the celebration of the decaying urban environment, recognizing its inherent aesthetic qualities as well as the important role that it plays within our cultural habitat. The project achieves its goal by elevating common, overlooked objects and spaces within the city of Providence, Rhode Island to the level of high art."

It seems that there is a fair amount of urban decay in Providence to frame some pretty depressing pictures. The images are quite striking, art made out of existing waste and blight. It is an interesting way to document what we hope is a temporary view.


"The project achieves this elevation by literally hanging gold, gallery-style frames in derelict spaces within the city, framing objects and views that are of aesthetic or cultural value. By utilizing frames that one might expect to find in an art museum or gallery, viewers are forced to make connections between the urban landscape and the museum environment. Viewers are likewise encouraged to reconsider their prior conceptions of beauty and worth, understanding that the spontaneity of decay offers an alternative aesthetic to excessive design." ::Urban Curators