Update to Mapenvelope - Easy Template for Making Cool Minimalist Invitation Envelopes

mapenvelope template image

Image via Mapenvelope via Unplggd

The other day we showed off the Mapenvelope - the idea of printing a Google map as the interior of an envelope to create cool and useful invitations. Unpluggd has an update - there's a new website that makes utilizing the idea as easy as entering the address and pressing "print."The Map Envelope lets you just type in the location, enter a personal message if you want (which can include walking/cycling/driving directions to the location), hit print, then cut and fold your envelope.

mapenvelope template image

Easy as pie, looks neat, and is a great idea to make an envelope more useful than just a paper-holder. In fact, with that extra feature of adding a personal note, the envelope could be the entire invitation, saving paper by eliminating the need to add in anything extra. Plus, you can print the address of the recipient on the other side.

Of course, we encourage using eco-friendly printing practices if you take this approach for making your own party invitations.

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