Update on the 100 Days Carbon Clean-up


Awhile back, we brought you the story of the 100 Days of Carbon Clean-up Campaign. The program is helping over 400 British companies look at ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It began early in June, and one of the companies involved, Fulcrum Consulting, has been tracking their progress through a diary via the BBC website. Their initiatives, including recycling and awareness-building programs, seem to be progressing; the next step will be to conduct a a BREEAM assessment on the office. The BREEAM scheme is run by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), and is their Environmental Assessment Method. The method looks at many aspects of sustainability and provides an overall rating from "pass" to "excellent", allowing comparison with other buildings. They've been tracking their energy consumption, and were surprised to find that their evening power consumption was about 60% of what it was during the day, even with many appliances turned off that are usually on. With just about six weeks to go, we're looking forward to reading more about their progress in becoming more informed, more efficient, and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses. ::BBC via ::Hugg