Upcycled Rubber Design Products; A Flip Flop Story (Photos)

A Flip Flop Story at Qubique Design fair in Berlin© Petz Scholtus

At Qubique design fair in Berlin this squishy table caught my eye, or rather, my touch! Dutch designer Diederik Schneemann turns washed up flip flops from the beaches in Kenya into very colourful products, such as these lamps and table. Some 30.000 kilos of flip flops end up on the beaches of Eastern Africa every year, 80% of which are pink and blue. However, I am still not sure whether the answer is to turn them into 0.5 kg heavy lamps like this one below...

Schneemann works together with the initiative Uniqueco in Kenya, who collect waste flip flops for recycling. This is great as it cleans the environment of rubbish, creates jobs and provides material for new objects. So if you like it colourful and soft, go for the designs of 'A Flip Flop Story' by Studio Schneemann or visit the Uniqueco shop. I bet they are also very durable. I for my part however prefer things lightweight and flat-pack.