Upcycle Art — DIY Re-manufacturing

It would appear that Upcycle Art should’ve entered our Weird Eco Habits contest, because the results of their work are certainly outside the normal realm. The term ‘upcycle’ was selected to indicate that material from a discarded product can be repurposed into a new product, without being ground-up in the vast industrial process that is recycling. The pic here shows a lamp made from soda bottles. But visit the site and you’ll also be treated to very comprehensive step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to make garbage bag compactors, mini light sabres, wallets, CD cases and bracelets from the likes of milk cartons, film canisters, juice containers and soda can ring pulls. While at least one of the products probably creates more waste that it saves, the overall theme of site is to inspire us to see the value of materials in a product that has passed its prime. Includes a short treatise on what normally happens to packaging, with spelling that is a quirky as the upcycle products. Thanks to Tipster Dan W. ::Upcycle Art