Unu-life for Greater Appreciation of the Physical


‘Take 2 minutes out of your busy schedule, have a cup of tea, and make your own shoes’ is what unu-life is suggesting. This design-based company has designed these cute indoor & outdoor slippers, made from recycled leather, totally flat-pack and easy to assemble just by folding; no glue or stitching needed!

After coming across this complex footwear at Nog on Brick Lane in London we left already enthralled by so many thoughts in one shoe but have a look at the unu web site! Robert Hankey, creator of unu-life, has more green products on offer, such as the unu-table entirely made from waste birch-plywood which clever design and simple technology allow for glue free assembly and seamlessly nesting many tables together, and unu-leather goods beautifully crafted from off-cuts.

Then, apart from unu-life’s ‘physical offerings to the world in which we live…’ it is involved into ongoing projects from CAT to Property Developments to the Hankey House, a new natural building project in Costa Rica. This way, unu-life is ‘raising awareness of environmental and social issues and hopes to inspire a greater appreciation of our physical surroundings’… so let yourself be inspired ::unu-life as seen at Nog, 182 Brick Lane, London E1.