Unsustainable Jewellery


In the Royal College of Art show Bonnie covered here, graduate Greetje van Helmond "deals with issues of durability and resource consumption, deliberately using a basic material to create precious, but extremely fragile, objects." She notes:

"In present day life we can say that we consume a lot. Durable materials are often used for the production of goods that are typically replaced or thrown away quickly.

Contrary to this I use everyday, basic materials to create products that appear valuable and sustainable. Because of the materials I use, the products won't last long, but long enough to stay "new".

In one project, I create jewellery out of sugar. Sugar has the quality of growing into crystals under special circumstances. By controlling the process I allow crystals to grow around strings to form accessories."


the jewelery is created by growing sugar crystals onto cord suspended in a supersaturated solution. Just don't sweat too much while you wear it. ::Dezeen


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