University of Maryland Wins Architecture Contest at Solar Decathlon

university of maryland

Images credit Michelle Kaufmann

The University of Maryland's Watershed entry has won the Architecture contest at the Solar Decathlon, squeezing out New Zealand by one point. Judge Michelle Kaufmann says:

WaterShed achieves an elegant mix of inspiration, function, and simplicity. It takes our current greatest challenges in the built environment--energy and water--and transforms them into opportunities for spatial beauty and poetry while maintaining livability in every square inch.

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new zealand

I fell in love with New Zealand's entry, but I have always loved the way New Zealanders deal with the intersection of indoors and outdoors. Michelle writes:

This year's teams have managed to raise the bar even higher and have made the job of judging the Architecture Contest extremely difficult for the jury, which tried to find the subtle distinction that separates first from second, and second from third," Kaufmann said. "The top three projects span the globe; each celebrating its unique regional influences and climatic differences.

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team appalachian

Team Appalachian was a point behind New Zealand. This was a really tough category, the three top ones are all stunners, it could have been any one of them.

Tied for last place are Purdue and Canada, both deservedly so.

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