Undulating Living Facade at Seoul Shop


Herbaceous perennials grow from both the facade and interior walls at fashion retailer Ann Demeulemeester's Korea flagship in Seoul. Designed by Korean-based architecture firm Mass Studies, the four-level structure is a grassy oasis of nature in an otherwise gray and dense city. The perennials (clover, says one source) are planted into something Mass Studies bills a "geo-textile." According to Pavingexpert.com, this is a "woven, non-woven or knitted, permeable sheets, usually, but not exclusively, non-biodegradable."

Aesthetically and physically, the structure is a vibrant breath of fresh air--plants are a natural air purifier after all. But no word on exactly how environmentally friendly the design is. ::Mass Studies Via ::Design Boom ::Theme Also see :: Greening Your Roof Just Got Easier ::Temporary Living Wall for Construction Site ::Guide to Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls ::ELT Indoor Living Wall Kits

Top, bottom: Images courtesy of Design Boom. Middle: Image courtesy of Theme.