Rob Walker writes a (very good) weekly column called "Consumed" for the New York Times Magazine about design, wrote the book "Letters from New Orleans", and also blogs at Murketing. In a recent post he invented the term "Unconsumption", the art and science of getting rid of things." I mean we all have to get rid of things sometimes, and as you’re probably aware, this can lead to problems. Basically there are two kinds of things we need to get rid of: things that don’t work and/or are used up, and things that do work but we don’t want them anymore." He goes on to list many useful sites and services like Freecycle, Swapz, that TreeHugger regulars know about, and others we didn't, including a link to an eBay initiative called Rethink. He also gets the prize for most links to TreeHugger in a single post; I counted four. Thanks, Rob! ::Murketing via ::PSFK picture from ::Gothamist