Un-TreeHugger: Automatic Soap Dispenser for Homes

auto soap dispenser image

Photo via SimpleHuman

Sure, sure, there are concerns about swine flu and all sorts of illnesses being spread around right now. And when it comes to public bathrooms, automatic soap dispensers make sense to keep germ-y hands from touching anything before being washed. However, in homes? Simplehuman sensor soap pump is anything but a practical solution for your bathroom.Besides being an over-the-top hunk of plastic that will hog valuable real estate on your bathroom counter and look ugly, it's also just completely pointless. When you live with other people, you're going to share germs. There's no need to bring an excessive mass of plastic, metal and electronics into your home - it won't do any good.

Plus - it uses four AA batteries. Do we really want to waste batteries so we can have a dollop of soap on our hands without having to touch a pump? C'mon.

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