UFO Light by Neues Licht


With the goal of designing light, not lamps, German designer Simon Bruenner and his company Neues Licht (that's right -- German for "new light") has devised a pretty compelling, innovative light made from primarily glass fibers fittingly called "UFO". The futuristic design takes a note from fiber optics and old movies and eschews the use of light bulbs to create an ambient light source that uses very little electricity (nearly comparable to the efficiency of LEDs); according to the designer, "the base floats, while the glass fibers focus at the center like an energy beam, engulfing the surrounding space in mystical light." Cosmic. Embedded in the ceiling and hidden from view, the energy source emits a small amount of light (whose color can be changed) that is "carried" by the fibers down the center and around the "flying saucer" section of the light; because the light itself doesn't carry any electricity, it's suitable for a wide variety of applications that ordinary lamps can't do, like bathrooms and spas and other places where moisture and water make light installations precarious. While decidedly spacey in nature, this light is chandelier-like enough that we could see it as a replacement for the more traditional hanging fixture in a variety of modern settings; the designer can put you in touch with a dealer in your area. ::Neues Licht via ::Cocolico

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