U2 Has Architectural Problems

You can't always get what you want....ooops, wrong group. U2 is having big problems with the 32-storey skyscraper that it wants to build, which will be the tallest building in Dublin and all of Ireland. Plans include a recording studio that will hang below vertical wind turbines, a huge solar panel, luxury flats, 34 social-housing flats and a five-star luxury eco-hotel. But there is opposition by all kinds of groups (not just those who can't stand Bono or his music).

Ireland's National Trust is against the so-called "U2 Towers" because of its impact on the surroundings. It will be located in a low-rise, traditional historic sector of Dublin and could be an "incongruous blot on the skyline". Since it is located in a regeneration area, no planning permission was needed. The Trust said "We have raised concerns about the overall lack of a strategy in Dublin to deal with global warming on developments in the docklands area (due to rising sea levels). We want to see it subject to proper public consultation. There is a sense of it being done in a far too behind-the-scenes manner." U2 also want to demolish an historic building and replace it with a super-luxury sustainable hotel for all the new Celtic tiger millionaires.

Others were scathing about the band's decision to move part of their music operations out of Ireland to the Netherlands in order to pay lower taxes on royalties. "The common good is not served by allowing the richest people in Ireland to build with the benefit of tax incentives". Rockers U2 have hit back--insisting the massive building will boost the city's economy. :: artkrush

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