Two New Winning Fountains for the Royal Parks

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Photo: Moxon Architects

Remember the days when you could get a drink from a water fountain--in the park, or on a street corner or at the library? Well in London they seem to be making a come-back...

The Royal Parks Foundation held an international design competition to find a new fountain design and judges chose two winners because both were so good. One is the Trumpet, this elegant and slender bronze fountain, designed by Moxon Architects.

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Photo: Moxon Architects

The body of the fountain is made out of bronze and can be cast in a bell foundry, just like a church bell. The water is caught at the top and has a second level for dogs to drink.

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Photo: Robin Minotti

The other winner is Watering Holes by Robin Minotti Architects. It is a slab of Cornish granite perforated with three circular holes. The top is high enough for adults, the second for children and the lowest for dogs (and very small children). The outside will be matte finish and the inside of each hole will be polished and reflective. The fountain has a sculptural aspect and will be easily seen from afar.

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Photo: Robin Minotti

The competition was sponsored by Tiffany & Co Foundation and the Royal Parks Foundation in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects. The remit was to find a "simple, practical and esthetically pleasing design." The winning fountains will be placed throughout London's eight royal parks. There were 150 entrants from 26 countries, including designers, architects, engineers, students and members of the public.

Drinking fountains are environmentally friendly and a good way to wean people off buying bottled water. But it turns out that the number of functioning drinking fountains in the UK is at an all time low: only 11% of green spaces in the UK have working water fountains. Tiffany & Co. are also paying to restore some historic fountains.

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