Two New Tools for Planning a Green Remodel

kings county eco cool remodel tool photo

The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool in action.

There are lots of options available to homeowners looking to make their houses healthier and more environmentally friendly. But for many people in the midst of a renovation, the choices can be overwhelming.

King County, in Washington state, has developed a useful tool—and fun web series—to help those planning or executing a renovation make it as green as possible.The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool lets users take a tour of a model green home. Clicking on a room reveals a collection of tips and ideas for eco-friendly renovations.

In addition, a new web series, EcoCribz, highlights real homeowners in Kings County, touring their homes and explaining what they are doing to make the project green.

Together, the new features help homeowners save money, increase the value of their property, and protect the environment.

Watch the first episode of EcoCribz then explore the Eco-Cool Remodel Tool.
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