Two Climbing Magazines Go 100% Recycled


First it was Urban Climber magazine announcing that their October/November issue would be the first ever "green" climbing magazine. (Wonder if they were inspired by the surfing dudes who got there before them? Coz they’ve an interview with the editor of The Surfer's Path.) Other editorial features will look at environment and sustainability. Oh, and of course this their 13th issue will be printed on 100% recycled stock. Which segues nicely to Climbing magazine, a grandpappy of the industry, with 250 issues and 36 years under its harness belt. A few days after UC’s media release Climbing made their own. They are going to 100% recycled paper content, with 85% of that being post-consumer waste (PCW). And in a nice twist they reckon the new paper is even better quality than their old stock. When issue 252, hits the news-stands, also in October, they figure its switch to such a high content of PCW will save: 201 trees, 14,701 gallons (55,650 litres) of water, and 61,385 pounds (27,850 kg) of greenhouse gases. And this is not a special edition, but a permanent conversion to recycled. We’ll let them punch up over who is really first, and just be thankful that they are both doing it. Via Outdoor Industry Association media releases, exhibits A and B.