Twenty Ways to Wrap Your Presents Without Waste

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If there is one good thing that can be said about this recession, it is that it is bringing out the creativity in people who are using their hands and their brains instead of their wallets to make or wrap their gifts this year.

London based design headhunter Represent challenged the design community "to develop fresh and eco-friendly solutions to the problem, by designing sustainable and totally tape-free ways to wrap a Christmas gift." They are adding a new one every day, and they include lots of clever ideas that will come in handy this frugal holiday season. wrapping stocking photo

Some are clever and simple;

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Some look wasteful, but all that twine can be used again. See them all at Future Present, found at NOTCOT

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Hemp Gift Wrap by Paporganics
It's A Wrap: Clever Packaging from Japan

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