Turning the Tables: A Dozen Transformers that Grow, Shrink, Rise and Disappear

Folding Tables

Other tables rise, lower, fold and expand in many different ways. Lee Sinclair uses a fairly traditional X base in untraditional ways. Conver table by Lee Sinclair

Nils Frederking has bowls us over with his folding chair and table that seem to defy ordinary furniture physics with their deft foldability. Prepare to be impressed with the video. Incredible Folding Furniture Video

Dwell is offering a little number that folds and lifts into a bigger dining room sized table. These mechanisms have been around for a while- the problem is making them look good. I am not certain that this one pulls it off. Dwell's Convertible Coffee Table

I worked on a design like this years ago- it took a certain skill to get it to rise, and there was significant danger of mashing fingers. This one looks better, too....The Flip Table by flipfurniture

And who couldn't love Jeewon Jung's Modular Table, with its built in candlesticks and dishes. The table transforms into a set of dinnerware! Modular Table Lava

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