Turn Your Roof Into a Neighborhood For Needy Birds

birdhouse roof photo
Photos via Klaas Kuiken

We've heard of white roofs to deflect heat, solar-paneled roofs to produce energy, and even green roofs to add a touch of nature to our abodes -- but one designer has created a roof that can benefit the environment in yet another way, by offering houses to birds atop our very own. With these cleverly designed birdhouse-tiles, otherwise lifeless terracotta roofs are transformed into adorable neighborhoods for the less-fortunate of our feathered friends in need of a place to call 'home'.These special tile-birdhouses are the creation of Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken, whose aim it was to bring a bit of wildlife back into our daily lives. "Nowadays birds are not welcome anymore under rooftiles," writes the artist. But perhaps if we tempt them back with their own little homes, we'll have a chance to reconnect.

birdhouse roof photo

As our communities continue to encroach on wildlife habitats, displaced birds have had to be creative when it comes to finding a residence, which is often in man-made structures where we never intended them to be. Sure, we've tried to make it up to our feathered friends with the occasional bird feeder or bird bath -- but none of that says "I'm sorry" quite like inviting them to move-in upstairs.

birdhouse roof photo
Of course, installing these little birdhouses on your roof might not always be as helpful as your magnanimous gesture it was intended to be -- particularly if you live in a scorching desert, or share your home with a cat who'd be bold enough to risk one of his lives in pursuit of a rooftop meal.

Nevertheless, such an animal-oriented adornment doesn't just offer a place for some needy creature to live, but it could be a testament to your eco-friendly sensibilities as well. Perhaps, as your friends take notice of the rooftop real-estate you've donated to nature, they'll be inspired to do the same in some small way.

And who knows, maybe having your neighborhood 'go to the birds' will turn out not to be such a bad thing after all.

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