Turn Black Friday Green, Part II: Green Silence

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Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is typically frowned on by many in the "responsible" movement. But if you just can't help yourself - do it with a little green flair. Buy that sports enthusiast a pair of Green Silence by Brooks for the holidays. Light in weight and, likely the most environmentally sound athletic shoe in the world - they are light on the earth! If after you buy them, you feel any shame for shopping on Black Friday - go plant a tree or something. Green Silence is a groundbreaking competition racing flat that boasts sustainable elements in each part of the shoe. Using soy-based inks, water-based adhesives, and recycled materials, Green Silence incorporates sustainability without sacrificing performance. This makes a huge eco-statement that Brooks is positioning itself as the premiere innovative running apparel company for everyone looking for the best of both worlds.

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Photo Credit: Neil Chambers
Research for Green
In recent years, Brooks has declared its dedication to introducing more eco-friendly design and manufacturing practices for all its brands. In 2008, Brooks launched BioMoGo midsole - the world's first biodegradable running shoe midsole that breakdown 50 times faster than traditional midsoles in an enclosed, active landfill. That same year, the company debuted a new shoe box, made of fully biodegradable, 100-percent recycled paperboard. Green Silence is the next chapter in Brooks' commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Photo Credit: Neil Chambers

Three years of research went into making Green Silence a reality. They were first available to runners in 2009, but the color scheme was bright yellow and red. Personally, it left me wondering why? However, other shoe companies followed suit with colorful snickers like the Nike Free Run + and Newton Momentum. This season Green Silence is back to design basics with a stylish black and green kick - that makes you look and feel sexy as you run off those extra pounds.

The Green in Green Silence
Green Silence is constructed with less than half as many parts as comparable shoes. More than 75 percent of them are post-consumer recycled content. For example, heel counters are made of recycled compact discs; shoe laces, meshes, linings, gillies, and tongue webbings are made from recycled water bottles; and outsoles are made of recycled rubber. These substitutions reduce the energy and oil needed to manufacture los zapatos.

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Photo Credit: Neil Chambers

Other green features include that the dyes, colorants, and adhesives used in production are non-toxic and not harmful to those working in the factory. Volatile organic compounds have been lowered by 65 percent and the midsoles, collar foams, and sock liners are completely biodegradable. This all adds up to a very green purchase for the busiest shopping day of the season!

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