Turin design collective repurposes pizza sauce cans into colorful lamps

Margherita recycled tomato sauce can lamp
© Izmade

The sustainable design collective Izmade found a great use for some of the 15,000 tomato sauce cans discarded every day by local restaurants.

When you think of Italian design, tin cans may not come to mind, but if this project is successful, you might have to reconsider. The Turin design firm Izmade, which produces limited edition "eco-design furniture and home accessories," has turned its collective eye on a ready source of local materials - the tens of thousands of tin cans from tomato and pizza sauce that are generated every single day in their city alone.

Their latest project, the Margherita lamp, recycles a large tin can into a colorful lampshade (using water-based paint), which sits atop a stand made from local Piedmont beech plywood (which is made using soybean adhesive instead of conventional glues). The lamps come in 8 colors, each with a matching cord and switch, and are said to include an "energy-saving bulb" (though Izmade doesn't specify what type of bulb).

"The Margherita lamp embodies our entire self-made, sustainable philosophy here at Izmade. Every day Turin alone over 15,000 tomato cans are used by restaurants and thrown away. Instead of leaving this problem untouched in our community, we saw it as an opportunity to create something innovative and beautiful, while simultaneously helping the environment." - Izmade

The stands for the lamps are cut using a CNC machine built by Izmade for another open source project, which let people have free use of the milling machine at their workshop, and the design of the stands use friction instead of fasteners to hold them together.

To launch the Margherita lamp, Izmade has turned to crowdfunding with a campaign on Indiegogo, where the firm is trying to raise €15,000 for initial production costs. Check out the rest of their sustainable furniture designs over at Izmade.

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