Tubular Skylights for Ad Hoc Daylighting Are Totally Cool

tubular skylight installed photo

Images courtesy of Discount Solar.

Even the most incredible light bulb technology cannot compete with the warmth -- and energy-efficiency -- of natural light. The only problem with natural light is that not every house has been built with daylighting in mind. Sure, you can always add a skylight to add sun to the dark corners of your home. Traditional skylights, however, add a potential point for water to leak in and heat to escape. Plus, they only help rooms with roof access. There is, however, an interesting alternative.Tubular skylights, such as the ones shown here from Discount Solar, allow sunlight to find its way to any point in your home using a system of reflective tubes. Much like heating ducts, the tubes connect a small windowed dome on the roof with an opening in the ceiling of the room to be lighted.

Compared to a traditional skylight, the system is inexpensive and easy to install. Certainly, it is a more energy efficient and long-lasting solution than adding yet-another lamp to your living space. Have you installed a tubular skylight? Let us know how it worked out in the comments below.

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