Tsunami Survivors Still Homeless for "Lack of Wood"


And it's all because of TreeHuggers who insist on protecting tropical rainforests. That's not what the Guardian article of 02/9/2006 reported. But how much ya-wanna-bet, that's how US media will spin it? The details: "Tens of thousands of Indonesian survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami are still living in rotting tents, despite a months-long campaign to rehouse them, because the International Federation of the Red Cross has struggled to secure legally certified timber, it emerged yesterday. Only 235 out of the approximately 16,000 temporary shelters needed for the 67,500 Acehnese living under canvas have been completed since the programme began in September". Odd that there wasn't enough lead time, given that the WWF asked for sustainable timber use over a year ago.From the WWF article:

Tessa Robertson, Head of the Forests Programme at WWF-UK, said: "The island of Sumatra has already lost the majority of its natural forest, and what does remain is mainly in uplands and conservation areas, home to rare species such as the orang-utan. Logging these areas to supply timber for Aceh not only would have a devastating impact from a conservation point of view, it could also trigger additional human disasters


Given another decade or so of illegal logging comparable to recent rates, there would be no timber of any sort left. The crunch comes sooner or later. So, why not more emphasis on alternate materials? Are there designs which could be used that minimize the board feet consumed per dwelling unit? These are the questions left unanswered.


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