Trunk Station: Home Office on Wheels


For telecommuters and self-employed home-office dwellers (not to mention bloggers) who don't have the luxury of a dedicated home office, having a suitable space to work that isn't a desk next to your bed can be tricky. It's important to have space dedicated to work, or at least somewhere to easily stash your stuff if your dining table or sofa doubles as your home office.

Straight from Japan, the Trunk Station fills both needs, creating a little half-cube and enough space to work on a computer, store some files and other useful stuff you'll need to get from 9 to 5; when your workday is through, fold it up and roll it away, out of sight and out of mind. Vaguely reminiscent -- and probably more practical -- than the Design Pod, we aren't sure if we're crazy about the idea of having a home cubicle, but we think there'd be something very satisfying about literally closing up shop at the end of the day. What do you think -- would you work in the Trunk Station? Check out more pics -- what it looks like closed, empty, and few renderings -- after the jump. ::Caina (Japanese) via ::Unpluggd