Trophy for Energy Efficiency Designed by David Graas

david graas tulip trophy photo

We have shown the work of Dutch designer David Graas before; he does great things with cardboard. However, he appears to work in other media as well; he was commissioned by the Ministry of VROM (love that name!) to design the Net Trophy, " a national prize for energy efficient living and working. The prize is given annually to an initiative of municipalities, building companies, housing associations and project developers that excels in an energy efficient approach." David tells us:

"The tulip vase has the shape of an archtypical house, that is familiar to everyone; a house with a pointed roof and a chimney with a cloud of smoke. Only instead of one chimney, the roof is filled with chimneys. And instead of smoke there are now flowers coming from the chimney as a metaphor for the durability that the prize is about." ::David Graas

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