Tree hooks and magnets bring nature into your home

trook hook
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What could be nicer for one of us than a hook made out of a bit of tree. Called Trooks, from tree and hook, these hooks are created from beech wood, which makes them very strong.

They have been collected from the forests in Buckinghamshire, England, where they are all individually hand finished. They are made from the natural wastage of the trees when they have been cut back or felled.

Fridge magnet fiends will love this one, which can be attached to any metal surface. They put it on the stove (see above), but it would be pretty good on the fridge or for house keys. It will hold up to one kilo, which is quite a lot of keys.

trook hookrowen & wren/Promo image

Don't underestimate the humble hook. You’ll find all kinds of uses for these and each one is completely different and unique. Each Trook is accompanied by a handwritten tag which shows where it was found and the variety of tree it came from.

trook hookrowen & wren/Promo image

Slingshots seem like a pop from the past, health and safety and all that, but don't they look lovely. Native fallen timber is selected and handcrafted to make each slingshot individual. Each one has a tag that identifies the type of wood and where the timber was found.

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