Trolleytastic! — Reestore and Vaho recycle shopping trolleys.


Well we seem to have riled a few TreeHugger readers earlier this week with our post on the Polycart.
But we are always more encouraged rather than put off by strong debate so we decided to continue the shopping trolley theme today. The debate about the new Polycart seemed to centre around the merits of recycling metal versus plastic and which material had more longevity. For those of you who fear that this plastic trolley will put the good ol’ metal ones out of business well never fear because some designers have been working hard to give them a second life. As we mentioned in our comment on Monday’s post, our favourite young Spanish recyclers Vaho have made a shopping trolley chair complete with original wheels so you can roll any which way, but the way you want to go!
We have also recently discovered Reestore. For several years now, this design company has been dedicated to creating cool new products out of not so cool old ones. Annie is a more refined version of the Vaho chair and is a great example of how a shopping trolley, after a bit of work and the removal of the offending wheels, can be made to look like an attractive piece of minamilist furniture. Reestore’s repertoire is wider than shopping trolleys though You should check out amongst others Gordon the wheel barrow chair, Silvana the washing machine drum and Agnes the astra bumper sofa. This is recycling at its best, when you see the furniture first as an attractive object and only realise afterwards what it was in its past life. ::Reestore ::Vaho
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