Trey Chair: A Desk Chair for Work and for Play


It looks like a regular office chair; it reclines, and you can adjust the height. But with the push of a button hidden underneath, the Trey Chair springs in to action and transforms into one of many different configurations. The base can be removed from the portion where you park it, allowing for any number of alternate configurations more suited to lounging and relaxing than working diligently (though, judging from the picture above, there are a few configurations for that, too). Trey isn't Cradle to Cradle certified like some of its ergonomic brethren, but it would be dang handy for small apartment dwellers or anyone else who wants their desk chair to do more than just help them work at a desk. After the jump, check out more pics of Trey and work and at play; the chair can be had for $239 - $299, and Ars Technica has a review, if you want to know how it works in the real world. Trey Chair via ::Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles



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