Trend Watch: "Green Wrap" Virus Spreading As Major Bank Turns Plant Wall Into Billboard

pnc green wall photo
Looks like it's design flu season.

PNC Financial Services Group, based in Pittsburgh PA, has built a plant-covered exterior wall, "to make its headquarters building more energy-efficient." Looking like one of those huge billboards seen along an interstate highway (as pictured), PNC's green wall "features a variety of regional plants grown into living art." Designers estimate it will be cooler behind the wall, which will cut the air conditioning load some, in summer. Otherwise, it is a billboard.

No way to tell from the press release if the water that supports this living billboard is supplemented by storm water or if it is a net water consumer, how much electricity is consumed pumping water, or if it is flood-lit at night.

Pittsburghers...let us know, won't you?. Lloyd coined "green wrapping" 2 years back when he wrote Greenwash Watch: Greenwrapping: Solar Panels on a New Gas Fired Generator.

I really hope doing this to street-facing walls does not catch on as an architectural fad. People who will never read TreeHugger are going to glance at them and think "billboard." That thought is only a short step from seeing all green walls and roofs as things city government has no business promoting - overlooking real prospective benefits.

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