Treemo: Transforming Creativity into Action


Treemo is an online and mobile community dedicated to sharing digital media, empowering self-expression and releasing your inner Edward Burtynsky, Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams. It's an evolving gallery of artistic expression -- words, video, audio, photos, and visual art -- combined with a handy, user-friendly web interface, so you can share your vision with the world. Our favorite part is that by recycling unused digital gear, and working with non-profit organizations that help students and youth (of all ages) find new ways to explore and inspire creativity, Treemo provides a voice for people with something to say and no way to say it. Donating your working used digital camera will get you a tax credit and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you've done something good for the planet and other people living on it, and, using Treemo, those who receive your old camera can upload their new pictures, so you can track where your camera has been and see what it has seen. Registration on the site is free, and allows users to create their own channel, post comments to other users, save favorites, and store photos, videos, audio, and blogs. Treemo also has resources to help you recycle your old cell phones, too.::Treemo