Treehugger's Dominic Muren wins Designboom Competition!

Treehugger contributor Dominic Muren just won first prize in the "Doorway to Paradise" Competition!

This design competition,which attracted thousands of fascinating entries was judged by Philipe Starck, Peter Gabriel, Oiviero Toscani and Luca Trazzi.

Treehugger thinks it wonderful that of all 3652 high-tech, conceptual and sometimes crazy ideas, they picked as winner a simple, elegant, easy to build, why-didn't-I-think-of-that musical door based on an african tongue drum. How fabulous that he is a treehugger! ::Designboom via ::nearnearfuture by [LA]1) Melody Door


2) Door in use

3) melody door assembly

designer's own words:
The melody door brings the fun and customization of ringtones to your home. Now anyone announcing themselves with a knock can be as playful as the want to be. Ever wanted to tap out "Taps" to wake someone up in the morning? Or how about chopsticks? One full octave of notes gives you a range of choices, while the design of the door fits nicely with a modernist aesthetic. With melody your knock is as unique as you are.

Dominic Muren is an engineer/product designer living in Chicago, Illinois, and spending his grownup time (AKA day job) as a toy designer. He's fascinated with sustainability, not only of materials and processes, but also of social systems, like manufacturing plants which are so comfortable that workers enjoy going to work, and local manufacturing that re-invigorates economies. When he's not actively tree-hugging, he is either editing IDFuel, The Industrial Design Weblog or spending time scheming the next big social engineering product.