Trashformaciones Furniture and Instalations


The art of recycling is something we TreeHuggers love: like, how difficult is it to turn garbage into something appealing, and make people pay for it? Very. Trashformaciones (something like Trashformations) is another group of entrepreneurs that’s giving it a try. It was started by brothers Blas and Pablo Montoya in 2002, when they began taking advantage of their family business: an iron scrap deposit. Now they make lamps from washing machine’s cylinders, recycled aluminium tables, installations with washbasins and benches from bathtubs. The benches shown here dress the Ribalta park in their home city, Castellón (Valencia, Spain), and the installation with more than 200 washbasins in the extended was shown in the beach. These creations can be purchased through their website, where there’s also more on their activities. ::Trashformaciones


The Montoya brothers and their collaborators in front of the more than 200 washbasins installation they placed in the beach.