Trash Temple Built of 100 Tons of PET Bottles

trash temple art recycling photo

After World War II, "cargo cults" developed among Pacific Islanders who had never seen such wonderful stuff as was dropped on them by both sides. According to Wikipedia,

In a form of sympathetic magic, many built life-size replicas of airplanes out of straw and created new military-style landing strips, hoping to attract more airplanes.

Who knows, perhaps in 50 years when the petrochemicals have run out, our grandchildren will build monuments like this Trash Temple found on Recyclart, praying for the return of an era where we could make so much so cheap that we could just throw it away.

trash temple art recycling photo angled

Salzig Design (Google translates it as Salty Design) do graphic, industrial design, art and architecture. They built the Trash Tower in Heijplaat, an old neighborhood in Rotterdam's port area out of 100 tons of pressed bales of PET bottles in 2007.

trash temple art recycling construction photo

The project was the runner-up at the International Ideas competition FollyDOCK. More at Salzig Design

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