Trash Ball Turns Annoying Parks Clean-Up Work into a Game

trash ball concept image

Images via Designboom

Designer Jung Hwa Jin came up with a slightly more entertaining way to keep trash in its proper place - make it into a game. The trash ball is a soccer ball with a hollow inside, so you can store your garbage in something that doesn't look like a garbage can. For the most part, it's a so-what design. But, there's one use we really like, especially for things like tailgate parties gone wrong. The trash ball would be a great item to take on picnics, to BBQs and so on, when there's going to be games and, well, probably lots of trash.

As this only slightly creepy-looking family illustrates, you can bring your picnic with you in one hand, have fun and play in the park, and carry what's left of your picnic with you home in the other hand.

trash ball family image

That way, you'll avoid having parks that look like this...

tailgate gone wrong photo

Tom Ritch via AJC

Kinda a cool idea. At least for that purpose. For use in an office space, it seems a little pointless. Though building maintenance crews might think differently...

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