TransNeomatic Bowl


Inspired by the scooters that zip through Vietnam's streets at all hours but distressed by the mountains of used tires that end up in the country's landfills, designers Fernando and Humberto Campana created the TransNeomatic bowl. Made from a used scooter tire that's filled with a web of natural wicker, the bowls articulate the tension between modernity and tradition that informs much of the developing world. The bowl is actually a set of well-mediated contrasts: warm and cold, organic and mechanical, fast and slow. Each bowl is made in Vietnam using familiar handicraft techniques, and is part of Artecnica's Design with Conscience campaign.

UPDATE: A number of sharp-eyed readers have pointed out that the tire used here is new. I'm checking to see if this is just a prototype, and if the production models actually use tires "rescued from landfills".