Transglass Designed By Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden

Still looking for a gift for that wedding you attended last summer? Consider a beautiful piece of glassware from Transglass. The collection is made from recycled wine and beer bottles, but isn't like some of the boring, old, recycled glassware we've seen before. Instead, the contemporary beauty of these pieces comes from their organic shapes and frosted original colors juxtaposed with hard, sharp angles, giving them a luxurious feeling. As shown here, two Chardonnay bottles becomes a carafe and beer bottles are transformed into drinking glasses. The idea here is what we like to call "recycled chic." ::Transglass [by Kara DiCamillo]
Endnote: TreeHugger was informed that the products currently on their Web site are not in production. However, the company is looking to re-launch the collection with a cooperative in Guatemala within the next three months or so. For more information, please visit Tord Boontje's Web site.

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