Transformers: Private Dining by James Plant

plant table open and closed photo

We love transformer furniture that goes away when you don't need it, freeing up space for other uses. James Plant has created "a complete dining room experience in just 17 cm [6.69 inches] depth. Inspired from pop-up books the unsuspecting doors draw open to entirely transform the environment and provide a strong sturdy table and chairs."

james plant at table photo

"Primarily intended for the domestic environment it also lends itself for drinks bars where in the day food needs to be served but by night as much floor space is required, each booth providing a unique private experience and then easily cleaned and folded away. The feel of its construction is of a solid dining table, not the perceived connotations of folding furniture, when in situ all hinges are concealed leaving no hint to its impressive conversion." ::James Plant Design via ::Apartment Therapy

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