Transformers: Extremis Gargantua

gargantua dinner party

With a name like Extremis Gargantua, it sounds like it could be in a Transformer movie rather than a piece of transformer furniture, but that's what they call this table designed in 1994 by Dick Wynants. The benches clip onto the sloping legs at a height of your choice, so that it can act as a conventional height bench, a high chair for kids, or if right up at the top, they increase the size of the table so that it can sit twelve. (But you then have to find chairs)

gargantua assembly photo

clipping on the bench to the leg

gargantua down photo

all in the low position

gargantua raised photo

all in the high position, and if you leave one out it can accommodate wheelchairs.

So one piece of furniture can accommodate varying sizes of groups of all ages. Clever. ::Extremis Gargantua via ::Tuvie
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