Transformer Patio By Picque


Collin usually covers the transformer beat, but he is on the road pedalling to Epic in Vancouver , so I get to show the Vertical Patio by Seattle's Pique Architecture. It makes the most of a small back yard by transforming from a backyard fence to everything from a picnic table to a bar, complete with folding stool. What a brilliant way of dealing with a small backyard.


The architects write:

"This back yard patio situated on a small urban lot in Seattle provided an opportunity to explore how a very simple and contained architecture can animate a space and continually surprise and engage its owners."


"The challenge was the client's interest in adding a large amount of program (grill patio, hot tub, changing room, dining table, bar, stool, reading area, and security gates) while maintaining as much open area as possible. The solution began with a calculation of the allowable building area in the back yard which was then transferred directly into a single vertical plane. Through a series of hinges and pivots, the individual bits of program are housed in this vertical wall. Sun/shadow studies derived where the specific locations for the various programs would be within the composition of the wall."


"The ability for occupants to control and transform their environment is the most fundamental way to interact with and affect the architectural event. This vertical patio responds to a wide variety of needs and by doing so creates an atmosphere of circumstance that captures the occupants’ attention and immerses them in a powerful appreciation of the place they are in and the people they share it with."

Photography: Joshua K. McGrew. Annoying website navigation award of the month goes to ::Picque, via ::Dwell

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