Transformer Furniture: World's fastest Sofa


We like to promote furniture that serves multiple functions as a way of using less space more efficiently, so how could we pass on a sofa that goes 87 miles per hour? The implications are huge- no more parking spaces required, you keep it in the living room. The green credentials of the Chaise Lunge are not terrific as it has a 220 horsepower Rover V8 engine under the cushions, but we are informed that the leopard skin upholstery is fake. He does also have a far more efficient four-poster bed powered by an 1800cc Volkswagen engine. He has also built a full washroom with "a tub, shower and sink", shown below the fold. Edward China truly gives new meaning to the phrase Mobile Architecture. ::Daily Mail via ::Splurch [For a truly green mobile sofa, check out the Couchbike and its Maritimes adventures! -Ed]


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