Transformer Furniture: Simone Brewster's Warhol Sofa


Less a simple piece of furniture and more a "living system," the Warhol Sofa from UK designer Simone Brewster is designed with a very TreeHugger-friendly goal in mind: so its user can live comfortably in one room. The "sofa" easily transforms into a desk and a bed; "each component acts an ingredient that is left for the user to compose and create their desired environment," says Brewster.

The sofa is part of an entire Warhol Philosophy Collection, which, in addition to the sofa, includes some funky cutlery and some ornamental cups, and follows Warhol's philosophy that "everything you do should be done from bed and should remain glamorous." Can't argue with that, can you? See the other versions of the sofa below the fold. ::Simone Brewster via ::Apartment Therapy



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