Transformer Furniture: Rearrange the Cushions To Turn Sofa Into Bed

slash sofa adrian rovero photo transition

Sofa beds try so hard to look like regular sofas, with complicated mechanisms and pullouts. In many you put the cushions aside to pull out a separate bed; they do neither function really well.

slash sofa adrian rovero photo in between

Dezeen shows us the //Slash, a really simple and straightforward one, by Swiss designer Adrien Rovero. You just pull out the bottom to make enough room to turn the cushions and you have an instant bed.

slash sofa adrian rovero photo bed

The designer says:

From the quick and visible transformation of a sofa into a bed, //slash is inspired by the foldable simple mattress. From this known foldable principle, the concept is push to the extreme in term of comfort and uses by including slats, an easy transformation as well as 2 clear uses.

Thanks to the pressure given by the structure to the foam to maintain it on both position. To convert it, the drawer like structure can be slide to the front before the mattress is unfolded. This project is another collaboration with Campeggi with the goal to breakthrough the world of sofa and their other uses.

Mairi may get to see it in Milan this week.

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